Highclere Castle Horse Feeds - Oataalin

Monday 21st June 2021

We are delighted to have launched OATAALIN, the most recent product from Highclere Castle Horse Feeds.

Our OATAALIN mix has been designed to give your horse the best performance, energy, and shine.

Highclere Castle Horse Feeds have been producing quality superior oats for over 25 years and powering the winners of many Group races and top class Polo events.  We wanted to move towards a more complete feed mix for performance horses hence the creation of OATAALIN to give the extra nutrition balance provided by the Alfalfa Pellets and the Micronised Linseed. 

We could see our thoroughbred mares enjoying OATAALIN this winter so the actual customers appeared happy with the new product!


OATAALIN mix is designed to give horses the best of whole natural foods in three key grains, the digestibility and energy of Oats, the Calcium & Vitamins and buffer to acidity in Alfalfa and Omega 3, 6, & 9 Fatty Acids in Linseed.

Oats are proven food and energy for performance horses, Alfalfa also has micro nutrients and essential Amino Acids and Linseed aids skin & coat condition and is anti-inflammatory with slow release energy.


75% Superior Rolled Oats from Highclere Estate

20% Pelleted Alfalfa

5% Micronised Linseed

“At Highclere we have been feeding OATAALIN to our thoroughbreds. Highly palatable, its excellent qualities are reflected in the shine of their coats, their energy levels and their relaxed attitudes. Oats have the highest fibre content of grains (13%) and slowest energy release and are best suited to a horse’s digestive system. Alfalfa is very abundant in Calcium and balances the low calcium levels in Oats and other cereals. Linseed has essential amino acids, aids skin & coat condition, is anti-inflammatory and a good source of slow-release energy.” - Lord Carnarvon

For enquiries, please call +44 (0)1635 250600 or email [email protected]