Richard Hannon Pink Lily’s trainer to whom we sell our oats and power his horses said the following when Pink Lily returned to his yard late January:

“Pink Lily when she came in she looked great. She has managed to put on decent weight and looks better than ever. She is a month further ahead than most of mine in her coat and I am looking forward to running her.”

Oatallin is one of the quality rolled oat feeds. It contains two other key ingredients so allowing for a more rounded feed than pure oats which by themselves lack some minerals and vitamins.

Why use Oataalin?

Use Oatallin to feed Horses in Training or resting thoroughbreds over the winter months. They return to trainers with shine in their coats! Also in foal or lactating mares do well on Oatallin, Yearlings thrive on it and it goes down very well with fussy eaters.


  • Cleaned, clipped, polished and rolled high bushel weight oats from Highclere Estate.

  • Pelletised Alfalfa

  • Micronised Linseed

“At Highclere we have been feeding OATAALIN to our thoroughbreds. Highly palatable, its excellent qualities are reflected in the shine of their coats, their energy levels and their relaxed attitudes. Oats have the highest fi bre content of grains (13%) and slowest energy release and are best suited to a horse’s digestive system. Alfalfa is very abundant in Calcium and balances the low Calcium levels in Oats and other cereals. Linseed has essential amino acids, aids skin & coat condition, is anti-inflammatory and a good source of slow-release energy.”