Meadow Hay

Meadow hay is a traditional hay, made from established permanent pasture. This pasture has developed a variety of grass species over time and has had minimal use of pesticides and fertilisers. Meadow hay is soft, very palatable and often smells sweet.

Rye Grass Hay

Rye grass leys produce a high-quality forage, it is high in fibre, sugar and protein making it suitable for performance horses. This is grown from carefully selected varieties of Ryegrass. 

Sainfoin Hay*

Sainfoin hay is recognised for its palatability as well as health benefits. This type of hay is low in sugar and starch whilst being high in Omega -3 which is a natural anti-inflammatory. It has anthelmintic properties which provides an effective natural wormer.

This is a very popular product, with limited availability.

Timothy Hay* 

Timothy hay is great for horses that need high fibre but low energy (Calories), the high fibre helps maintain a healthy digestive system, whilst satisfying appetite. This is often a popular choice of hay for veterans and those with a clinical history of laminitis.


Large bales and small bales available. 

*Please note that there is limited availability of this product.